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Love coffee?

I was not a coffee drinker but that changed when I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know if it’s due to the cold weather or the fact that there is a coffee shop at every block. Seriously everywhere I turn, there’s either a Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee or Tully’s within walking distance! It’s just too hard to resist the coffee aroma!

Of course, all these coffee drinking is not helping my budget at all. So I have been thinking of getting a coffeemaker and just making them at home. Guess what I found this week? A FREE Coffeemaker from Gevalia! I get this programmable 12-cup Stainless Steel coffeemaker free with the purchase of two half-pound boxes of Gevalia Kaffe. It even comes with a stainless steel coffee scoop. Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out. Anyone tried this before? Is the coffee good?

Try the Gevalia Premium Coffee Bundle Today!

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  • Jule June 7, 2009, 10:03 am

    I got the free coffee maker about 5+ years ago. The coffee maker was surprisingly good. The coffee was fine. I do remember that they kinda got us caught on the coffee bags coming to our door (and being charged) each month until we canceled – which took a few months. But, now I a total coffee snob, and love mine out of a French press in the morning. Especially for a small quantity (my husband and I), it’s perfect! Being a teacher and a mom, I don’t think I could survive without my little cup of happiness in the morning, especially on a cold, wet winter day!

  • Mike June 13, 2009, 7:13 am

    I’ve never tried the coffee maker, but I do like Gevalia coffee. I’ve ordered from them online and the results were always fresh and delicious. Jule was right, any coffee is better with a French Press.

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