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Bento for Kids #55 – French Toast Square Day

As usual, I am behind on my bento posting, so I am sneaking in one here in between the Chinese New Year snacks.

Bento #55 - French Toast Square Day

This was a very simple bento consisting of french toast squares with a little raspberry jam/jelly for dipping, whole-wheat chicken nuggets & applesauce with sprinkles.

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  • Kellie February 2, 2009, 12:28 pm

    Are there local places that sell the Bento containers? I don’t even know where to start looking, any suggestions? Will my best luck be online? Love your ideas, please keep them coming!!!

    Kellie, check out this earlier post http://kookyculinary.com/2008/10/10/where-to-buy-bento-supplies/ Thanks!

  • Kellie February 3, 2009, 2:20 pm

    Thanks, I will be checking those places out!

    You’re welcome! : )

  • giddy tigress February 6, 2009, 5:07 pm

    Such a nutritious bento, I’d say! Does applesauce taste good with the nuggets? Did you make the applesauce yourself or was it bought from the store?

    Lil’ C likes it. I bought the applesauce. Too lazy to make my own.

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