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Having a SuperBowl Party?

I am not a big football fan but B is. I know that he will be glued to the chair watching TV that day. Since we are going to be stuck at home anyway, I think it’s a good time for a party! Some friends for me to chit-chat, some friends for B to watch the game together and some friends for Lil’ C to play with. Can’t beat that, right?

The most important thing in a party is definitely food, right? I found some great deals at Artiko that sounds really good.

These gorgeous Scallops in Bacon are 15% off by using coupon code “ScallopsBaconDiscount”

Buy 2 Get 1 Free for these cheesecake duos with coupon code “FreeCheesecake”! Who could resist cheesecake???

Artiko are also offering 5% off all appetizers with coupon code “appetizers5perc”

Now let the SuperBowl party begin!!! Steelers or Cardinals for the win??

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