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Bento for Kids #53 – Happy Bunnies

Bento #53 - Happy Bunnies!

The last time I packed fried rice, Lil’ C didn’t like it. Last week I decided to try again. This time I added a couple of happy bunnies on top of the fried rice. The eyes & mouth of the bunnies were drawn with an edible marker pen. Please excuse one of the bunny which has panda eyes just like mommy who has been staying up too late watching Korean series!! Hehe… I also added a ring of edamame around the fried rice. This time she ate it all!! Yay!
Other contents include the ever-present blueberries, more fried eggs and Nestle Crunch for treat. Yes, those are Christmas Nestle Crunch that I bought at 75% off after Christmas. Could not resist those sales!!! : P

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  • 3lilangels January 21, 2009, 12:13 am

    haha… we’re both addicted to Korean series. I love after Christmas sale too, though it’s not up to 75% in KL. I would be lucky to get 50% or those 2-for-1 deals.

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