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Labels and more labels

Lil’ C started preschool this week and we were both so excited! Lil’ C was excited to see her friends again while I was excited to get a couple of hours of free time! I love my daughter very much but it is just so awesome to get a couple of personal time just to relax.

Anyway, going to preschool means that Lil’ C will be bringing back lots of art and craft projects from school everyday. I don’t keep all her art work but usually if I see a nice one, I will label it with a Dymo label maker and file it away in file folders. Hopefully someday I will compile all her art work together and make a scrapbook. Then she can look back and enjoy all her previous masterpieces.

Since she also has her lunch at school, I will also label her lunch box and her drink bottle so that she doesn’t get it mixed up with the other kids. Do you notice that most of the 3 year old girls all carry the same pink princess lunch box? I guess they are all going through that princess-loving phase.

Oops, I almost forgot that I will need to send an extra set of clothing to school to keep there for emergency purpose. I will have to label those clothes too. I guess I have a lot of labeling to do. Thank goodness for my Dymo label maker which makes my work so much easier.

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