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Design a Logo with VistaPrint

I used to work in the technology field before I quit to become a stay at home mom. I do not regret quitting since my priority is to take care of my little girl. Now my little girl is almost 4 and pretty soon she will be going to school full-time. When that happens, I think I might just get back into the workforce again. However since technology is such a fast-paced career, it will be very hard for me to get back into that line. The brain is getting a little slower with age. So it might be a good idea to think about a career change.
Over these few years, I have developed a love for baking. So maybe a baking career is my new career? I would love to open a little café by the beach and just serve delicious pastries and cakes. To get me started on my new career path, I am turning to VistaPrint because first of all, I will need to design a logo for my new business. I will also need to print business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, signs and decals. Maybe some magnets and pens with the company logo to be given away will be a good marketing tool. It looks like VistaPrint has all I need to get started. I guess I better start brushing up my baking skill first.

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