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Don’t forget to label your bento box!

Time really flies!! I cannot believe it is August already. Where did summer go? This summer we have been so busy that it went by so fast. In less than a month, all the kids will be going back to school for a new school year. That means so will Lil’ C. She will be going to a new preschool this year.

I remember I always loved the first day of school when I was young. That is because I know that I would be getting a new backpack, new books, new stationeries and even new clothes. I love getting new stuff. However all these excitement would dwindle after the first couple of weeks when I start to lose some of my new stationeries especially my pencils. Somehow someone would borrow it and never returned it. I guess it was inevitable since all the pencils look alike and nobody knew who it belong to. There was no label on those pencils to indicate that they were mine.

Well, Lil’ C will also be getting a lot of new school supplies for the new school year. To avoid history repeating itself, I am going to make sure that I label all her belongings with Color labels from Dymo label maker, especially her cute bento boxes! I will be very sad if she loses her bento supplies! Oh, the labels will be very useful too if your child has food allergies. Dymo also has a Back to School tips and advice section to remind me of all the other things that I should label besides stationeries. Well, I guess I better get started if I am going to start labeling all her things.

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  • Angie August 6, 2008, 4:56 pm

    Hi i’m new to your blog and i love it lots. Getting lots of tips from all the mummy’s out there and its amazing to see what all mothers goes through no matter where in the world they may be. We all seem to share the same trait, ‘anything goes for our kids regardless’.

    Thanks, Angie! Yup, totally agree. Anything for our kids! 🙂

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