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Protect yourself from identity theft

As seen on my blog, I cook and bake a lot. I also shop a lot, mostly for baking tools and kitchen gadgets. I used to love going to baking supply shops and browse around for new and interesting gadgets. However now that I have a preschooler, it is very hard to do that anymore. So I tend to shop online nowadays.

Shopping online is very convenient but the downside is that it makes us more vulnerable to identity theft. Identity theft is a very serious crime and it could ruin all of us financially. This is where Lifelock comes in. Lifelock helps to protect our identity with the latest identity theft protection system. How does lifelock work? First of all, they will set up fraud alerts with all the major credit bureaus so that you will know immediately of any suspicious activity. They will also help to remove you from the junk mail list and pre-approved credit offers. If you are an online shopper like me, don’t forget to check out Lifelock before you start shopping.

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