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Dim Sum @ Sun Sui Wah, Richmond BC

Vancouver/Richmond Part 1

This past month had been rather stressful filled with endless doctor visits. The flu season seem to be extremely severe this winter. Two weekends ago, with the entire family feeling healthy, we decided to head across the border for relaxation and a dose of great comfort food. We headed straight to Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver. Hands down, Richmond has the best Asian food!

When we got to Richmond, we headed straight for our favorite restaurant, Kirin, for dim sum. Unfortunately they were fully booked for the entire day. So we made a reservation for the next day and headed out to another restaurant. We ended up in Sun Sui Wah.

Crispy Taro Puff (Wu Kok)
Crispy Taro Puff (Wu Kok)

Siu Mai
Siu Mai

Bean Curd Roll
Bean Curd Roll

Sticky Rice
Sticky Glutinous Rice – my favorite of the day.

Overall, the dim sum was not as good as Kirin but still pretty good. I think this restaurant is more famous for its dinner entrees specifically their Alaskan King Crab and Roasted Squab. Too bad we didn’t have a chance to try that. Will definitely have to try it out next time.

Restaurant Address:
Sun Sui Wah
4920 No. 3 Road, Richmond

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  • Judy April 26, 2008, 10:05 am

    Oh dear, you are making me drool.

    Hehe.. time for dim sum?

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