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Would you like to blog for money? For a SAHM like me, I would love to be paid for blogging. That’s why I have just signed up with Smorty.

Basically, Smorty will connect us bloggers with advertisers. All I have to do is to write my opinion about the advertisers and then I get paid!! Doesn’t that sound great? There is no limit to what I can earn. I can also submit as many blogs and as many opinions as I like. Currently, each post will be paid a minimum of $6 but as my pagerank increases, so does the payment. The best part is that I get paid on a weekly basis.

Signing up with Smorty is free and easy. If you have a blog that’s older than 90 days, all you have to do is to submit your blog for approval. My blog was approved within 24 hours. Now I am off to earn some money. Are you going to join me?

*This is a sponsored post*

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