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Pike Place Market yummies

I’m back!!!!!! It’s been a very hectic 3 months of a nomadic lifestyle. With a trip across the world to Malaysia & several cross-country trips between the east & the west coast, we finally settled down & moved into our new place. Living out of a suitcase has not been easy especially with a 2 yr old toddler in tow. Foodwise, it’s also been a lot of eating out since we only had access to a minimally equipped kitchen. Needless to say, temporarily living within walking distance from Pike Place Market, it became one of my (& toddler’s) favorite food haunts. In spite of being “touristy”, Pike Place definitely has lots of good food & lots of charm. Some of our favorite food includes:

Macarons from Le Panier

Clam Chowder from Pike Place Chowder

Located in nearby Belltown, Orange Hazelnut Pinwheel & Latte from MacrinaOrange Pinwheel & Latte

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